Star Media launched its new anti-piracy service, ContentScan, earlier this year.

Based on machine learning technology, ContentScan automates the entire process of content protection, from detecting pirated content to its complete removal. The service protects VoD content as well as live TV broadcasts.

ContentScan has demonstrated high efficiency in its first months since launching. More than 9 million search result links to websites hosting pirated content have been blocked on Yandex, and approximately six million were removed from search results in the first three months of the year.

Yekaterina Smirnova, CEO of ContentScan, commented, “We have expert experience in three areas – production, distribution, and content protection. So, we have summarized combined and directed all our knowledge and skills to the efficient operation of the ContentScan service. We are happy to see that this sector of our activities has proven to be so efficient in the first months already. This means that the content of all Star Media’s partners is strongly protected.”

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