VideoAge recorded the active involvement of Disney’s LATAM division at the L.A. Screenings since 2002, however, the publication’s reporters have been attending their screenings since 2003, when the department was called Walt Disney Television International (Latin America).

Above is a photo review of Disney’s LATAM L.A. Screenings’ thematic presentations between 2010 and 2019.

During this and earlier periods the studios’ LATAM distribution division’s name changed six times. First it was Buena Vista International Television, then Walt Disney Television International (Latin America), then Disney Media Network Latin America, then Disney Media Distribution Latin America, then (briefly in 2019) Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International Global Content Sales & Distribution, before returning to Disney Media Distribution Latin America.

Disney LATAM’s screenings events have all started with a buffet breakfast, often held on the Walt Disney studio lot, then it was off to the adjacent screenings theater, followed by a buffet lunch in the studio commissary (which was opened in 1940) around the corner, then back to the theater for the rest of the screenings.

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