Dan Cohen opened up his books and his mind for VideoAge‘s April Issue, which is linked with the virtual MIP-TV event taking place April 12-14 in a place called cyberspace. Cohen is the president of ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group.

In this Issue, soon to reach recipients in print and digital, readers will get a good look at a variety of new forms of content-selling that the Hollywood studios are devising in order to face new streaming requirements head-on, as well as the limitations caused by the raging pandemic.

Also in the April edition, readers will get a list of all new and holdover pilots for the 2021-2022 U.S. TV broadcast season. It is a dense list, so be prepared with a yellow marker to highlight your picks before the networks make their official selections in mid-May. The TV broadcast Upfronts calendar is also well displayed in the Issue.

Another article that you’ll want to read is a review of all in-person TV trade events that are coming up.

Then, if you’re looking for some controversy (and who isn’t, really?), then the detailed article about a catfight at Vivendi-Mediaset is for you. The Issue also features a piece criticizing the TV Critics Association’s requirements that limited proper reporting of their Winter Tour.

Some readers will also find our preview of the virtual MIP-TV a bit too critical, but it could not have been otherwise considering the virtual fatigue affecting the industry.

With all the hoopla over the recent Meghan (and Prince Harry) interview with Oprah, you’ll be curious to learn about the large amount of money the show made internationally.

There’s also the book review feature, which questions the continued worldwide appeal of superhero movies. And, traveling and market news aren’t ignored. We have a detailed calendar of what’s coming.

Finally, the My2¢ editorial gives us permission to no longer be bothered with learning new things since it has become unnecessary.

Overall, the Issue features 11 page-turning articles and a detailed list of a whopping 50 pilots for the new broadcast TV season.

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