Content buyers should check out Finding Love in Mountain View, an ACI INSPIRES original premiering on the Hallmark Channel in October 2021.

Founded by George Shamieh and Chevonne O’Shaughnessy, American Cinema International (ACI), is an L.A.-based independent entertainment company that creates, produces, and distributes charming content worldwide. Launched in 2000, Shamieh and O’Shaughnessy brought over 35 years of prior experience to the company. In 2015, ACI introduced a new brand of inspirational entertainment called ACI INSPIRES, which offers inspirational and family-friendly content.

To go along with this theme of family-friendly and inspiring stories, ACI has mapped out a diverse 2021 catalog of content. These stories all feature inspiring stories, are set in beautiful locations, and include plots that any family member will love.

The first is its most recently wrapped production Finding Love in Big Sky Montana (pictured above). Filmed on the snowy mountains of Montana, this heartwarming romance stars Hedy Nasser and Johnathan Stoddard. It will be available for delivery in late May.

Another of these themed projects is titled Finding Love in San Antonio, a modern romance set in San Antonio, Texas, that includes a number of cooking and cultural scenes. We meet our star, Adela Romero, a successful TV chef whose career is about to reach new heights, when a family conflict interrupts these plans. This beautiful story was created with Hispanic U.S. audiences in mind and follows themes of family, passion, love, heritage, and healing. The family-oriented movie follows our protagonist as she makes the difficult decision of whether to take a giant leap in her career or rediscover her passions. Shooting begins on June 10.

The next project ACI is developing this year is Squeaky Clean Mysteries. It follows the investigation into the murder of a political figure’s wife and the struggles our protagonist, Gabby St. Claire, faces when authorities do not believe the evidence she has found while cleaning up the crime scene. Based on the works of award-winning author Christy Barrett, this charming whodunit mystery will leave audiences on the edge of their seats as they try to puzzle out the clues. Squeaky Clean Mysteries is the perfect movie for any mystery lover as it offers emotional conflicts and an engaging love story. Shooting begins around May/June.

One additional project ACI has in store for 2021 is A Royal Surprise, a complicated love story set in South Africa. Shot on location in Johannesburg and featuring a diverse cast, this film follows Riley Stevenson as she travels internationally to meet her boyfriend’s family. Once settled in, Stevenson must face the daunting realization that her boyfriend is the extraordinarily wealthy prince of Chacula. This dynamic story follows our protagonist as she tries to regain trust in her relationship and win her boyfriend’s royal family’s approval. Staged in one of the most beautiful locations, this modern love story has a grand plot that still feels very human to the viewer. With its royal scenery and fully developed characters, A Royal Surprise has something for the whole family. Shooting starts on May 1st.

Portraying diverse stories is at the forefront of ACI’s mission, and these new works further emphasize that. ACI has an extensive catalog of original stories like those listed above that will be loved by any family. American Cinema International wants to take viewers on a journey of self-discovery through modern and inspiring stories that viewers of all ages and backgrounds will love. If you are interested in exploring our content’s full catalog, readers are invited to visit ACI online at

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