VideoAge: Considering that MIP-TV’s virtual event offers the best way to reach new and potential clients, how will you be taking advantage of the market?

Claudia Marra: In the last few months, we have been joining many virtual markets, but to tell you the truth it’s much easier for me to organize single meetings during the year. I am meeting my old clients and finding new ones while working remotely. As you know, we have been left at home since last March and we had to reorganize our jobs at home.

VA: How are you overcoming the “virtual fatigue” that most people are experiencing?

CM: I must admit that it’s tough. It is difficult, but we still have to cope with everyday life. We are getting organized with meetings via Zoom or Teams, and we send marketing materials with trailers and links to our Mediaset Library’s website.

VA: Are you taking new programs to the market?

CM: Yes, we are taking two new programs to the upcoming MIP-TV. One is a film documentary about the Vatican, titled Great Beauty Vatican. The documentary was filmed using the latest drone technologies, and has amazing shots of the holy city. It’s a journey inside the hidden treasures of the Vatican with an exceptional guide, very loved by the Italian public, the actor Cesare Bocci. He is also the main character of our latest series, which was broadcast successfully on Canale 5. Titled My Dear Brother, and starring Bocci and Nino Frassica, the four-episodes, which were produced by Ciao Ragazzi for Mediaset, are available for the international market as finished product and scripted format. The story is focused on two different brothers. They have never met, but they have an important thing in common: their father. One lives in Milan in the north and the other in the beautiful Sicily. When Alberto decides to leave the north and run for mayor in the south, he is forced to meet his new family.

VA: Would you like to offer some suggestions to the MIP-TV organizers to improve the virtual experience?

CM: My only suggestion is [the better use of] technology. 

VA: In your view, what are the limitation(s) of a virtual market?

CM: It’s OK at the moment, but we all want to get back to the real world, meeting real people, and visiting the markets as we used to in the past. We really miss Cannes and our meetings in person!

*Sales Manager at Mediaset Distribution, Rome

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