Channel 4 commissioned Woodcut Media to produce the true-crime series Surviving a Serial Killer.

Surviving a Serial Killer explores the personal stories of people who overcame encounters with a murderer. The six-part series includes the likes of Rhonda Stapley, who was attacked by Ted Bundy, and Cindy Brown, whose husband Bobby Joe Long killed 10 women in Florida. The series features in-depth interviews to offer first-hand accounts from the surviving victims.

Surviving a Serial Killer will debut on February 28, 2021 on More4.

Matt Blyth, co-founder of Woodcut Media, remarked, “We are so pleased to announce this production for More4.  True crime about serial killers tends to focus on the perpetrators, however this time, we have switched the usual narrative to give a voice to those individuals who narrowly escaped death instead.  Each episode provides viewers with a moving and sometimes chilling account of their traumatic experiences, and we hope the contributions  they made to the series will provide some kind of catharsis as well.”

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