TeamTO sold all of the U.S. and Latin American broadcast, digital, and licensing rights to Jade Armor.

Produced by TeamTO, and based on a concept by M Pongo Kuo, Jade Armor follows the martial arts-loving heroine Lan Jun, who must learn the ancient secrets of her family while navigating life as a teenager. With the help of the mystical Beasticons and her friends, she will face an array of super villains and challenging trials.

The animated series will join the kids and family lineup on Cartoon Network and HBO Max in early 2022. The series was also recently sold to France Télévisions and Germany’s Super RTL.

Corinne Kouper, TeamTO executive producer, said, “We are extremely pleased that a show we have worked on so passionately, with an enormously talented team, will be part of HBO Max and Cartoon Network’s outstanding lineups. Head writer MJ Offen and co-developer Mary Bredin have worked tirelessly with co-creater and director Chloe Miller to blend a unique French idea with Chloe’s love of anime. The result is a highly original show with an exhilarating cast of characters with very universal appeal.”

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