Nippon TV introduced its new game show format Crush Park.

Crush Park is a simple game show that follows contestants as they crush various objects to get the winning prize. Each self-contained episode features three wacky obstacle courses, with different types of barriers and objects, such as boxes, water balloons, or clay pots. The show premiered in December 2020 on Nippon TV, and it is now available as an international format.

Mikiko Nishiyama, managing director of International Business Development at Nippon TV, said, “As people try to overcome these stressful COVID-19 times, there is no better moment for Nippon TV to offer this new fun-filled, stress-busting game show format. With the pop look and feel of a theme park or arcade, Crush Park thrills viewers with an excitement far-removed from daily reality. Satisfaction is guaranteed for the show’s players and viewers in this family-friendly game show.”

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