Rakuten TV revealed its upcoming original series, The Giants.

Produced in collaboration with NEO Studios, The Giants will explore the lives of great Sumo wrestlers throughout history, including stories of non-Japanese wrestlers who became First Champions and Grand Champions, such as Konishiki Yasokichi and Musashimaru Koyo. With never-before-seen footage and testimonials from the wrestlers themselves, the documentary offers insight into the world of Sumo. The series will be available for free on Rakuten TV in summer 2021.

J LaLonde, director of The Giants, commented, “The Giants tells the story of four Hawaiian former Sumo-wrestlers, who went from being outsiders to become legends of the sport. The show is a celebration of their remarkable journeys and of one of the world’s oldest and least understood sports. We’re in the midst of shooting the show now and I can’t wait for people to get the chance to see it later this year.”

Teresa López, EU content director at Rakuten TV, remarked, “The Giants is a very unique documentary series. This documentary series reinforces our commitment to developing quality, free original content through our Rakuten Stories. We are strongly focusing on sports content that captures the brand’s DNA and core values of empowerment and optimism through stories that showcase the human side of sports and all the effort and determination behind greatest victories.”

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