NHK Enterprises, the business arm of Japanese public broadcaster NHK, secured Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles for the AXN Mystery channel in Japan.

Produced by START, the streaming platform and the local production arm of Yellow, Black and White, in co-production with Sreda, Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles is a new television adaptation of the world’s most famous private investigator. Set in 19th-century St. Petersburg, the story follows Sherlock Holmes as he pursues Jack the Ripper, who has fled to Russia.

Sherlock originally premiered on TNT, the Russian entertainment channel. The series will air on AXN Mystery, which is operated by Sony Pictures Entertainment, on February 14, 2021.

Yukiko Akiyama, senior manager of Programming Division at AXN Mystery, stated, “As we, AXN Mystery, specialize in the genre of mystery, it is our principal objective to acquire and broadcast tent-pole mystery-based IP such as Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie. However, that doesn’t mean that we broadcast every single series available – we carefully select only those that we believe mystery fans will enjoy.”

Akiyama continued, “We selected Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles because Yellow, Black and White and START have made a version so unique and different from previous adaptations. This can be seen in terms of the magnificence of the pictures captured in Russia, and can be felt throughout the series, giving a notable distinction to the character. I’ve come across many Sherlock Holmes interpretations around the world, but I believe that Maxim’s Holmes is one of the most beautiful Holmes I’ve seen – and for him to be chasing the infamous Ripper is truly extraordinary and will have mystery fans drooling.”

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