NATPE Miami is here. Actually, it’s anywhere we want it to be. It can “take place” at our offices, our homes, or even on the train. It’s virtual, yet it has virtue. And to make the digital-only event more enjoyable, VideoAge has published an issue that is meant to inform sellers and buyers alike as to what to expect, what to hope for, and what they will realistically be able to extract from it. The Issue can be accessed here before it becomes available in print.

While a virtual NATPE is not the best option for many, it is the only option for all at the moment, so we’ll take it.

VideoAge at NATPE features interviews with nine NATPE exhibitors from five countries and explores every aspect of this first TV market of the year.

The Issue also touches on the loss of jobs in the film-TV industry and the dramatic situation that the industry is facing in Argentina.

In addition, there are a number of uplifting stories, including a piece on cash rebates for production in Greece, one on increased advertising revenues for TV stations, a story about the importance of indies to TV trade shows, an article on better ratings services from Nielsen, and another on U.S. media groups that made the Wall Street Journal‘s list of best managed companies.

The My2¢ feature praises the way things were done “BC” (Before Coronavirus) versus the way things are done now in the “AC” (After Coronavirus) era because we all know by now which way is better.

The 28-page Issue features a total of 12 stories, including a complete market calendar for the year.

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