The Wholistic World InnovationTrophy (WIT) released its shortlist of nominees for 2021.

Organized by the Diplomatic World Institute, WIT is the annual global award celebrating technical, social, and wholistic innovation. The shortlist was compiled from a total of 14 nominated candidates. A first round of voting conducted by board members decided on the four shortlisted candidates.

The shortlist includes: Design Beku from India, Indigital from Sydney, SumArth from India, and Vion Lab from Sweden. Design Beku presents inclusive design aimed at exploring how technology and design can be decolonial, local, and ethical. Indigital connects teaching digital skills with cultural education. SumArth is a non-profit social enterprise aimed at supporting farmers in economic growth. Vion Lab focuses on how content discovery, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning can optimize media recommendation and advertising experience for SVoD.

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