The year that just passed will most likely be remembered as the worst year since the World War II period, and almost comparable to the horrid 1915-1919 era when both WWI and the Spanish Flu pandemic raged.

Not that 2021 got off to a stellar start. First there was Brexit, then an attempted coup by U.S. president Donald Trump. But the anti-COVID vaccines are bringing much relief, so much so that now we can look at 2020 with less emotion and more of a historical perspective, one that will be remembered by generations to come.

Locked up in our homes, the time passed slowly, but ingenuity took over and business was done. Some of us were able to travel, albeit with extra precautions. VideoAge was even able to publish more editions than any other international TV business trade publication. As Leanne Wright of Canada’s MZ-TV told us: “You really haven’t missed a beat during COVID. Mazel tov on that!”

It’s true that 2020 will be a year that will live in infamy (to quote President Franklin Roosevelt’s 1941 speech), but it will also be remembered as a celebration of people’s resilience and endurance. A resilience that is clearly described in VideoAge‘s 2020: Year in Review, which can now be found online, in preparation for NATPE Miami Virtual.

VideoAge‘s Year in Review captured what happened in the international TV sector month by month, and, like similar year-in-review editions from major publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and others, it is and it will be a great historical reference tool because, even though we all will surely remember the big picture, we will most likely forget the details that day after day streamed through our lives.

The pandemic has also shown that with leadership, dedication, and perseverance our industry cannot be paralyzed, and we at VideoAge are honored to have contributed to that process, and to have fulfilled our duty and obligation to the industry.

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