FilmRise will showcase Lilly’s Light: The Movie in a nationwide virtual theatrical release on November 21, 2020.

The New York-based film and television studio and streaming network partnered with Gathr at Home for the home screening premiere. The release coincides with the UN International Children’s Day celebrations and National Adoption Month.

Following a live simultaneous screening of the film, the Lilly’s Lighthouse Post Movie Party will offer a special musical performance by Kenny Loggins and Rick Cowling, a juggling lesson for kids with San Diego Circus Center’s Jean-Luc Martin, a special appearance from Oink the Pig, bloopers, and a talk and Q&A with Kids TV expert Dr. Gordon L. Berry. Viewers will also have the chance to meet the cast, which includes Sherry Hursey, Mindy Sterling, George Paul Martin, Jean-Luc Martin, and Jordyn Curet.

Coming from Lilly’s Light Productions, Lilly’s Light: The Movie follows Lilly, a loving foster mom and keeper of an enchanted lighthouse, as she and her spirited crew of kids spread joy and love through original songs and music. The movie is based on the original television program Lilly’s Light, which premiered on PBS in 2010.

Sherry Hursey, star and producer for the film, said, “My hope is that the release of this film will shine a light on our thousands of displaced and foster youths and make it ‘cool’ for every family to consider opening their hearts to assist a child in need. To be a door where the heart is always open.”

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