FilmRise picked up the worldwide distribution rights to Lilly’s Light: The Movie

Produced by Lilly’s Light Productions, the children’s musical adventure stars Sherry Hursey and is filled with original songs, sparkling sets, and a strong message to which children can relate. Hursey plays Lilly, a loving foster mom, who uses joy, love, and laughter as tools in her magical adventure.

FilmRise has partnered with Gathr at Home for a nationwide virtual theatrical release. The home screening premiere will coincide with UN International Children’s Day celebrations. The virtual premiere will also include a live post-screening event with performances and special appearances from the cast and crew.

Danny Fisher, CEO of FilmRise, commented, “Lilly’s Light: The Movie is a great representation of FilmRise’s move into the children’s space. We are confident that this film will speak to parents and children looking for a unique program that promotes open minds and a world of possibilities.”

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