CAKE inked a distribution agreement for the preschool series Tish Tash.

Produced by Studio Gale, August Media Holdings, Synergy88 Entertainment, and Karrot Entertainment, the animated series follows the adventures of a young bear called Tish. With her family and friend Tash, she will learn about the world around them. CAKE will introduce the family-centered series at MIPCOM, following the series’ premiere on EBS in Korea.

Ed Galton, CCO and managing director at CAKE, remarked, “Tish Tash has huge potential – a fresh take on what it’s like to have an imaginary friend, something most children have experienced and can relate to. We are very excited to be working with Studio Gale, August, Synergy88 and Karrot; strong partners from around the world, whose collaboration has resulted in a truly global approach.”

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