The Diplomatic World Institute announced the launch of the Wholistic World Innovation Trophy (WIT).

The award will celebrate one exclusive innovation in the TIME industries (Technology, Internet Media, and Entertainment) with the potential for global impact. An independent board of senior experts will select the most influential innovation of the year. Presided by Gülden Türktan, founding chairwoman of W20 by G20, the board includes OMDIA’s Maria Rua Aguete, NBCUniversal’s Gillian Rose, Luxe Code’s Rini Elizabeth Mukkath, The Diplomatic Society’s Kirtan Bhana, and University of Sydney’s Jonathon Hutchinson. In addition, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) is represented by Karen Donders.

The WIT jury process will start in mid-September, with the first-ever WIT honor to be presented in early 2021.

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