Mondo TV Iberoamerica will showcase its new animated comedy Masked Cinderella at the upcoming Cartoon Forum.

Currently in development and co-produced with MB Producciones, Masked Cinderella is a modern take on a classic story full of magic and adventure. Mondo TV Iberoamerica will preview the series on September 15, as part of the reformatted Cartoon Forum. The pilot of the series was recently awarded the Best Animation Short award at the Indian Cine Film Festival in August.

Maria Bonaria Fois, CEO of Mondo TV Iberoamerica, remarked, “Masked Cinderella brilliantly combines two winning scenarios. It’s a relatable 21st-century story about kids finding a role and being themselves. It’s also a hilarious new approach to the classic characters and fairy tales that we’ve all known since we were kids. We’re looking forward enormously to previewing this wonderful new series in many important showcase events.”

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