WarnerMedia acquired Master Moley titles in a deal with Jetpack Distribution to air on Boomerang across EMEA territories.

WarnerMedia picked up the family special Master Moley By Royal Invitation, which will air on the channel starting in November 2020. The new series The Misadventures of Master Moley (pictured) heads to Boomerang in 2021. Produced by Nottage Productions, both the special and series share the enchanting world of Master Moley and friends.

James Reatchlous, creator and executive producer, commented, “I couldn’t be happier that so many young viewers will be introduced to Master Moley, and I hope they get as much enjoyment from the stories as my own children did.”

Jetpack’s Dominic Gardiner added, “Master Moley has a real star quality and, of course, a stellar cast. At Jetpack, we look for heart and humor in the animated series we acquire, and the series offers both in abundance.”

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