TRT World entered a partnership with Fijian Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) to bring its international news platform to the FBC 2 channel.

FBC operates six radio stations and three free-to-air television channels in the Fijian market. TRT World will broadcast daily between Monday and Friday and on Saturdays. Founded in 2015, TRT World presents a new perspective on current events around the world.

Vinal Raj, manager of TV Operations at FBC, said, “The addition of TRT World will be a great inclusion to the current lineup of our programming. TRT World will give Fijian viewers an insight into stories that are told through an Asian and Middle Eastern point of view. This will also give a chance for Fijian viewers to see first-hand and learn about Turkish culture, traditions, and politics.”

Furkan Han, head of Global Digital and Satellite Distribution and Partnership at TRT World, added, “It’s very exciting to reach Fijians by including our linear content in FBC 2 channel. With this deal, TRT World has further enhanced its current presence in the Pacific islands.”

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