Studio 100 Group and SeaBelievers partnered on the distribution for the CGI animated series SeaBelievers.

Studio 100 picked up the worldwide distribution rights, excluding Russia and CIS, for all audio-visual and L&M exploitation. Produced by Baboon Animation, Telegael, and AnCartoon, SeaBelievers is an ECO-tainment television series that combines information about real-life issues affecting the ocean and encourages kids to make a difference. Each episode follows the SeaBelievers as they problem solve and take action on key environmental issues. Studio 100 will present SeaBelievers at the upcoming MIPCOM Rendezvous Cannes 2020.

Martin Krieger, CEO of Studio 100 Media / International, commented, “SeaBelievers enthralled us right from the start. A series with such high-quality animation and detailed designs, combined with a strong message and the corresponding cosmos of values and real, informative educational content is exceptional – both from a content and L&M perspective. We are very happy with the trust that has been placed on us not only because SeaBelievers comes from the heart and its important message about the environment, but also because it’s about the future of this planet for our children. The devotion and energy with which the SeaBelievers team works on this important cause continues to impress us – their commitment is outstanding.”

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