Fred Media signed new sales agreements for the medical obs-doc series Emergency.

The international broadcasters that have acquired the series include TV4 Sweden, New Zealand’s Mediaworks Three, RTL Netherlands, and Brunei’s RTB. Additional negotiations are pending in Europe and North America.

Produced by WTFN for Nine Network in Australia, Emergency revolves around a team of real-life medical heroes who fight to save patients from life-threatening injuries. The high-intensity series premiered in Australia in July and it will premiere on the Discovery U.K.’s Really channel on August 10, 2020.

Roger Vanderspikken, COO at Fred Media, said, “With its combination of excellent ratings, unprecedented behind-the-scenes access, and a filming and narrative style that has much in common with scripted medical shows, Emergency is attracting a lot of interest from broadcasters keen to see new takes on ‘flashing light’ shows.”

He added, “We are excited to see the response from U.K. audiences and will watch with interest as the series rolls out in Sweden, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Brunei, as well as those other territories close to finalizing deals.”

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