France’s TF1 is now producing Good Singers, a new singing entertainment show based on Global Agency’s original format Is That Really Your Voice? The show is hosted by Jarry Lambert, one of France’s most popular TV personalities. The first episode aired on TF1 on July 17.

Created in 2013 by Global Agency’s Izzet Pinto (pictured above), the format is based on the unique idea of being able to spot good singers simply by looking at the contestants — not hearing them sing.

Is That Really Your Voice? was the first known format that allowed people to guess at contestants’ singing talent based on their appearances and speaking voices, but not their singing voices.

In this weekly primetime show, two teams will face each other over the course of four rounds. In order to win money for charity the celebrity judges must find the Good Singers.

VideoAge: Can you give us some information about the format?

Izzet Pinto: In this show, talented and untalented singers try to impress celebrities without actually singing. Two teams, with three celebrities each, compete against each other and have to use all their powers of perception to succeed. In each episode, 12 contestants come onto the stage, each with a numbered label, and each of them pretending to be a Good Singer. While some of them may have great voices, others certainly won’t. The celebrities have one goal: to distinguish the fakes from the genuine articles among the candidates. Do they sing like a diva or like a strangled cat? Do they have what it takes to identify the Good Singers?

VA: Can you tell me something about the singer who inspired you to create this format?

IP: The idea for the show came from watching [Scottish] singer Susan Boyle, who rose to fame on a talent show. That inspired me to create this format. Her voice did not match her look and created big surprising moments for the audience. This feeling led me to create this idea.

VA: As the licensee, does TF1 produce in-house? 

IP: Yes, TF1 is producing in house. They believe that in difficult times having a good music game show would be the right timing. And they were looking for a summertime special, which made the show perfect for their acquisitions. Then, TF1 channel acquired our format. They really worked very hard during the pandemic period and created a great production of our format.

VA: Can you share with us the success figures of Good Singers?

IP: Yes, we are very happy and proud of this success. TF1 worked very hard during the pandemic period and created a great production of our format.

The premiere was followed by 3.2 million viewers. That figure represents a 40 percent leap from the level of 2.3 million viewers for the same slot on the channel a week earlier. Good Singers has achieved great success in all key demos: 18.2 percent share (4+), 30 percent share (F50), 26 percent share (25-49), 40 percent share (4-14), 32 percent share (15-24).
The show was number one in the trend topic list on social media and received great comments throughout the show.

VA: What about the interest for the show in other countries?

IP: After the announcement of Good Singers, there has been huge interest in this format even before the launch. Until now we have received interest from 10 territories. It looks like audiences around the world are showing interest in comedy formats these days. We believe that this show can be the next big thing in the next two years.  It will be a perfect show for worldwide TV channels.

Up until now I created almost 10 formats. This one is going to be the most successful one.

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