Digital Media Rights (DMR) scored a distribution deal with STIRR that sees three of DMR’s streaming video channels available on STIRR.

As part of the agreement, STIRR will add the classic anime channel RetroCrush, the horror and thriller channel Midnight Pulp, and the arthouse and independent cinema channel Cinehouse.

Viewers will be able to watch titles such as MemoriesLupin III: Legend of the Gold Babylon, and Appleseed on RetroCrush; OfficeRiffTrax: Wonder Women, and Ryuji’s Journey: The Crest of a Man on Midnight Pulp; and Alexander the GreatAnna Karenina (pictured), and Peep Show on Cinehouse.

David Chu, co-founder and CEO of DMR, said, “We are excited to partner with STIRR to launch two new linear FAST channels, and expand the reach of Midnight Pulp. Over its first year in business, STIRR has shown tremendous growth while engaging with consumers across America, and we look forward to helping the platform expand its channel portfolio through the curated content on which our company has built its reputation over the last decade.”

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