Banijay Italia and Sky Italia closed a deal for the upcoming seasons of Pechino Express (Pekin Express).

Pechino Express is the Italian version of the Belgian-Dutch format originally owned and licensed by 4MAT4. The travel-based series follows VIP couples as they journey far and wide. Along the way, the contestants experience trials and challenges, and they interact with local communities to learn about their traditions and customs. Magnolia-Banijay Italia have produced eight seasons since 2012. In addition, Pechino Express Road Trips will air on Sky and NOW TV.

Fabrizio Ievolella, CEO of Banijay Italia, commented, “Thanks to this new partnership, we are confident that Pechino Express will continue to develop. Sky’s assets and its engagement expertise will allow us to enter a new phase of growth while maintaining the values that have been associated with Pechino, making it the most relevant adventure show on Italian television.”

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