Scorpion TV confirmed new sales deals for Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth (pictured).

Produced by Grain Media, the documentary has been sold to TV4 Sweden and VPRO Netherlands. Seahorse centers on Freddy, a gay transgender man who decided to carry his own baby. The London-based content distributor also sold Lori Shinseki’s film The Twinning Reaction to CBC Canada and Histoire in France. In addition, Scorption TV made three acquisitions: The Point of No ReturnA Cure for Fear, and Fishing Expedition Amazonia.

David Cornwall, founder and CEO of Scorpion TV, remarked, “As these deals demonstrate, the world’s appetite for brilliant documentaries that make us reflect, question and learn continues to grow. There’s been a huge interest in Seahorse, which is a fearless, lyrical story about family, gender and love – subjects that are particularly topical at the moment. We’re also excited to add The Point of No ReturnA Cure for Fear and Fishing Expedition Amazonia to our catalogue. They cover very different subjects, from medical ethics to Boys’ Own adventure, but they share the ability to engage, entertain and inform.”

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