Mondo TV Iberoamérica inked an agreement with MB Producciones to develop and co-produce two new animated series created by Myriam Ballesteros, Annie & Carola (pictured) and Masked Cinderella.

As part of this strategic cooperation deal, MB Producciones will deliver nearly all of the IP of the series to Mondo TV. Mondo TV will negotiate agreements with third parties for financing production and will distribute both series.

Both projects will offer a diverse cast of characters and engaging storylines. Annie & Carola is at an advanced stage of development, with negotiations underway with European television channels. While currently at an early stage of development, Masked Cinderella has been chosen for the pitching sessions at Cartoon Forum 2020.

Maria Bonaria Fois, CEO of Mondo TV Iberroamérica Group, remarked, “This is a very important alliance for Mondo TV Iberoamérica Group. It is a true honor for us to have reached a strategic agreement with Myriam Ballesteros, a professional with an extraordinary track record and a strong reputation throughout the industry. Both Annie & Carola and Masked Cinderella have enormous 360 development potential; we believe they offer an excellent opportunity to create successful high-quality cross-media brands.”

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