ZED launched the sales efforts for three new science projects that have a special focus on environmental issues.

The Paris-based distributor and producer will distribute Genius PlantsClimate Change: The Brain Paradox, and Microorganisms: The Air We Breathe. Produced by Mona Lisa Production for ARTE France, Genius Plants (pictured) explores the inner workings of flowers and trees. Coming from Un Film à la patte for ARTE France, Climate Change: The Brain Paradox shows how the brain’s biases prevent climate action and shares how to possibly overcome them. Produced by Les Films en Vrac for ARTE France, Microorganisms portrays the diversity and fragility of the air with the help of experts and 3D visual effects.

Chloé Persyn-Preljocaj, head of Distribution at ZED, remarked, “The audience is hungrier than ever for surprising and uplifting science, environment and social change-themed stories that help us make sense of our new world. And these three projects tackle those topics through innovative angles.”

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