Scholastic Entertainment, the media division of Scholastic, partnered with PICTURESTART to adapt the Animorphs book series into a feature film.

Produced and developed jointly by Scholastic Entertainment and PICTURESTART, the Animorphs film project comes out of a strategic collaboration to develop live-action projects from Scholastic YA books.

Animorphs told the adventures of five teenagers who could morph into any animal they touched. The book series was initially published from 1996 to 2001, then partly reissued between 2011 and 2012. Scholastic will also release a graphic novel adaptation of Animorphs through its Scholastic Graphix imprint.

Iole Lucchese, president and chief strategy officer at Scholastic Entertainment, stated, “The central themes of Animorphs have resonated strongly with kids for more than two decades, and the time is right for a feature film that takes this captivating sci-fi adventure to another level for audiences today. PICTURESTART has an incredible track record of success, and Erik and his team are the perfect partners to help bring this exciting new series based on the adventure-packed books to movie screens.”

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