Normally, summer evokes images of beaches with waves crashing, sunburns, sweaty trips to visit the in-laws, fattening ice cream, hangover-inducing mojitos, and other similarly pleasurable thoughts. Not this year. The TV industry has to play catch-up and even work overtime on overdue projects.

After being locked up due to lockdowns for nearly 90 days, there is much to do, including replenishing the shelves with newly acquired content to broadcast, restarting production, preparing fall schedules, pre-selling TV spots to finicky advertisers, and attending TV trade shows.

After being forcefully stuck in close proximity with spouses, children, pets, and Zoom for three months, we will all be happy to go back to paying money to TV trade show organizers for providing the industry with the renewed pleasure of face-to-face meetings with friends, enemies, acquaintances, colleagues, and even journalists.

And speaking of journalists, what kind of summer start would it be without a printed edition of VideoAge, with its usual wide distribution at all TV trade shows? To further make it real (and leave a lasting impression on readers’ fingers), we’ll instruct the printers to put some extra ink on the pages!

Also real will be the editorial and marketing package that the summer edition of VideoAge offers to content producers and distributors, with a mix of online features (newsletters, web pages, Water Cooler features, a PDF version, and social media) and a printed edition covering summer markets such as NATPE Budapest and Discop (with before and on-the-spot coverage), as well as previews of fall markets such as MIPCOM.

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