Cyber Group Studios and the Russian State animation studio Soyuzmultfilm partnered to launch the French and Russian joint animation label Cyber Soyuz Junior.

Both companies will pool together their expertise and resources to create quality 2D animation programs targeting preschool audiences around the world. Cyber Soyuz Junior currently has several projects in the works, including preschool series Orange Moo Cow (pictured), which is in production, as well as Squared Zebra, which is in development. Cyber Group Studios will oversee worldwide distribution, outside of Russia, of projects coming out of the new label.

Pierre Sissman, president and CEO of Cyber Group Studios, commented, “I am very proud of our association with the famous Soyzmultfilm studio. Based on our joint experience and traditions, it offers an immense possibility to merge both storytelling and animation talents from both the French and the Russian culture and create programs that will travel the world and hopefully help children.”

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