Our team managed to publish two VideoAge editions (text, audio, PDF and print) during the lockdown!
We salute all our readers and advertisers.

1) Monica Gorgetto: Publisher
2) Dom Serafini: Editor-in-Chief (the only one at the office)
3) Luis Polanco: Associate Editor
4) Leah Rosner: Associate Editor
5) Bill Brioux: Toronto Correspondent
6) Omar Mendez: Buenos Aires Correspondent
7) Claudio Mattioni: Art Director
8) Carmine Raspaolo: Design/Layout
9) Bruno Marracino: Web Manager
10) Caroline Intertaglia: Markets Supervisor
11) Larry Adkins: Markets Coordinator
12) Roberto Amadeo: Printing Services
13) Steve Schiffman: Legal Affairs Contributor
14) Mike Reynolds: L.A. Contributor

Not pictured:
Susan Hornik: L.A. Correspondent

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