The Natural Studios, a joint venture with Banijay Group, announced development plans with the Turner Twins.

As pioneering British explorers, the Turner Twins have undertaken world-first expeditions to benefit medical and scientific research. The Turners have rowed across the Atlantic, climbed Mount Elbrus, and even tried to trek the Greenland Ice Cap. The Natural Studios will work with Banijay Group’s RDF Television to bring the adventurers to the small screen.

Delbert Shoopman, co-CEO of The Natural Studios, commented, “It’s amazing to discover raw talent like the Twins. With a proven track-record in pushing the boundaries of exploration and an impressive on-screen presence, they were always destined for television. Development is already in the works and while we, like everyone, are adapting to the new protocols around production, we are confident, that with RDF, we can bring an entertaining, high-adrenaline offering to market with universal appeal.”

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