NEM Dubrovnik has been rescheduled for December 2020, to take place in Zagreb during the second edition of NEB Zagreb.

The joint event will be named NEM Dubrovnik Meets Zagreb. It will be held from December 9-11, 2020. The three-day industry event will bring together executives from pay-TV channels, FTA channels, streaming platforms, telecom providers, and more. Essential elements from both NEM Dubrovnik and NEM Zagreb will be included, such as screenings, panel discussions, and workshops.

Sanja Bozić Ljubičić, owner of the organizing company Mediavision, said, “The current uncertain situation on the global level has prevented the organization of the event planned for June in Dubrovnik as the traditional venue. We have made this decision in the hope that the situation in the world will stabilize by December. We are pleased to see the joining of the summer and winter editions of NEM into a single event – NEM Dubrovnik Meets Zagreb.”

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