Renowned drama producers Anni Faurbye Fernandez, Moa Westeson, and Cindy Hanson have launched Nevis Productions, a new production company for Nordic dramas.

With investment support from independent producer Nevision, Nevis Productions will develop scripted content that appeals to Scandinavian markets as well as broader global audiences. Projects in development include Neighbourhood Watch and a coming-of-age mystery series from Kasper Møller-Jensen.

Anni Fernandez (pictured), co-founder at Nevis Productions, remarked, “There is a strong demand for both local-language drama as well as English-language series which have their roots in Scandinavia. With our strong and diverse network of connections in both our home territories and internationally we feel we are uniquely positioned to provide exceptional, compelling content for a wide range of platforms and audiences. We have a real synergy with Nevision and we’re confident there will be many opportunities for us to work together and collaborate in the future.”

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