Children’s entertainment producer Kenn Viselman and Brooklyn Weaver will bring the animated series Moonzy to the Americas under Viselman’s itsy bitsy Entertainment.

The animated series is brought about by itsy bitsy Entertainment, Weaver, Claus Tomming and INK Media, Melnitsa Animation Studio, as well as series’ producers Sergei Selyanov and Alexander Boyarskiy. Season one of the localized version consists of 108 five-minute episodes, along with three holiday specials that are underway. Season two is currently in production.

Viselman’s deal includes all rights for broadcast and general exploitation of the property, including merchandising and promotion, for all of the Americas. Alongside Weaver, Viselman has recruited Emilia Nuccio and Marcio França Domingues to roll out the series in the Americas.

Viselman commented, “Moonzy is truly a phenomenon. At his core, he is simply filled with love and laughter and that is something the entire world is clamoring for right now. I believe Moonzy is positioned to be the biggest fury friend of my career.”

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