Universal Cinergia Dubbing announced several new deals for dubbing and subtitling content.

New deals have been signed with Caracol, Sony, NBC, Gaumont, DARO, CJEM, and Eccho Rights, among others. New projects for Universal Cinergia include dubbing Caracol-produced series Bolivar (pictured) into English, dubbing CJEM’s Guardian: The Lonely and Great God into Spanish, and dubbing ATV drama Cennet into Spanish. Cennet currently airs on Telemundo and Canal 4 in Uruguay. In addition, Gaumont is localizing a package of films into Spanish. Meanwhile, DARO signed two Steven Segal films to be dubbed into Portuguese for Brazilian broadcast.

Liliam Hernandez, CEO of Universal Cinergia Dubbing, said, “At Universal Cinergia, with the entire staff working remotely, there is the constant reminder of how important it is to be part of a team. Ironically, times of crisis can also bring opportunities. Our clients know that they can count on us, no matter what the circumstances are. Caracol, Sony, NBC, Gaumont, DARO, CJEM, and Eccho Rights are some of the companies that we are working with right now, dubbing content to Portuguese, Spanish, and English.”

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