TV France International launched Screens, a digital marketplace taking place through the organization’s B2B site Screenopsis.

TV France International will roll out unique markets involving all program genres and tailored to different themes. The first will be ScreenKids, an online market highlighting children’s entertainment and educational content. Sixteen companies will present their best youth programming as part of the market. ScreenKids will run until May 23, 2020.

Sarah Hemar, executive director of TV France International, remarked, “We are launching TV France’s new offer with a market for children’s programs – a particularly important theme within the context of the lockdown. Children are at home, watching TV and using tablets, but parents are monitoring their content consumption! It’s the right time to offer young audiences informative programs – such as animation and documentaries specially created for younger viewers. And since we all need to relax at times, there will also be fun and entertaining animation and fiction!”

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