Drive confirmed the sales of more than 50 hours of factual content to international broadcasters.

Australia’s Seven Network and New Zealand’s TopTV acquired The Restoration Workshop (pictured). Greek Island Odyssey with Bettany Hughes has been picked up by NRK in Norway, SBS in Australia, and Dazzler Media. France’s RMC Story acquired the first season of Warship: Life At Sea, while Finland’s YLE obtained the first two seasons. Drive also sold 10 Mistakes That Sank the Titanic to YLE, NRK, SBS, RMC Story, and Germany’s ZDF.

Ben Barrett, co-managing director at Drive, commented, “During uncertain times like these, it’s really encouraging to see such a strong appetite for factual ready-made content of this kind across the world. We are sure that these high-quality shows will be well received by audiences across the territories we sold into.”

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