FilmRise secured select international streaming rights to MythBusters and Deadly Women from Beyond Distribution.

FilmRise will distribute the iconic science entertainment show MythBusters (pictured)in the U.K. and Australia. For Deadly Women, the New York-based television and film company will handle digital distribution in the U.K. With a total of 282 episodes, MythBusters tests myths and urban legends of all kinds with scientific treatment to determine whether they are proven true or improbable. True-life crime documentary Deadly Women delves into a variety of crimes committed by women.

Danny Fisher, CEO of FilmRise, commented, “We are thrilled to begin our partnership with Beyond Distribution by helping to expand the reach of their amazing shows MythBusters and Deadly Women. Streaming audiences adore shows that debunk myths and solve mysteries, so we are confident they will be enjoyed amongst our streaming partner platforms, both in the SVoD and ad-supported space.”

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