Los Angeles-based production company NiteLite Pictures revealed its Coronavirus Positivity Initiative.

As part of this worldwide effort, NiteLite Pictures is rolling out a series of programs spotlighting heroes on the frontlines as well as comedy shows offering comfort during the pandemic. NiteLite is working closely with U.K. sales agent Meredith Coral of Lost Art Television to develop “self quarantine-based” content designed to connect with audiences.

Ari Wilhelm, producer at NiteLite, commented, “While everyone is doing their part to help keep family and communities safe, there is a need for entertainment content like never before, and specifically relevant, uplifting content that is understanding and respectful of the situation we are all living.”

Harry Lowell, executive producer at NiteLite, added, “NiteLite is responding to broadcasters’ needs and the audiences desires for not only new content, but relevant content to their current situation. We’re developing heartwarming and comedy programming  that connects to people’s lives during this new norm, while devising production solutions to deliver shows in a matter of days, not months, both remotely and safely.”

Pictured: Ari Wilhelm and Harry Lowell.

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