Fred Rogers Productions entered a worldwide partnership with the Arts Music division of Warner Music Group for the animated children’s series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

As part of the partnership, new music from the series will be released and existing songs will be made available through several digital services in the U.S. and around the world. Produced by Fred Rogers Productions and 9 Story Media Group, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood revolves around the daily adventures of Daniel Tiger and his friends as they provide practical lessons with the help of songs such as “Clean Up, Pick Up, Put Away” and “Use Your Words and Say How You Feel.”

Paul Siefken, president and CEO of Fred Rogers Productions, stated, “Music has always been a key part of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. It’s what helps make the parenting strategies featured in each episode of the series so effective and useful for preschoolers and families in their everyday lives. We are excited about teaming up with Warner Music Group’s Arts Music division to help make these songs and prosocial lessons from the show accessible to even more young fans and their families in neighborhoods all across the globe.”

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