Series Mania founder and general director Laurence Herszberg confirmed a successful run of its online platform Series Mania Digital Forum.

The online Forum went from March 25-April 7 and had 1,500 users, representing 40 countries. A third of the users came from France, followed by the United States with the second most number of users. Buyers, commissioners, producers, distributors, and sellers made up 60 percent of users, while the remaining 40 percent consisted of screenwriters, programmers, and journalists.

Series Mania Digital Forum was developed in record time by the festival team, and it was one of the first created in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The online platform offered users access to key content from the Co-Pro Pitching Sessions, UGC Writers Campus, and over 50 international series from the festival program or from the Buyer’s Showcase. 10,000 visits were made for the Buyers Showcase, and 5,000 visits for projects in development.

Herszberg commented, “In 2021, we will be sure to combine the two forms, digital and physical, to create an even bigger and better event in the years to come.”

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