DocuBay, the video-on-demand streaming service by IN10 Media Network, secured a global acquisition deal with the U.S.-based production and distribution studio Big Media.

With its latest acquisitions, DocuBay launches its newest category TechBay, which focuses on technological developments. The acquired titles include Germ Warfare: The Battle Against SuperbugsA.I. Artificial Intelligence: Creating the Code for ConsciousnessLife Beyond Earth, and Next Great Extinction Event.

Adita Jain, head of Content Acquisition at DocuBay, said, “We’ve been really looking forward to launching a category on Technology, and Big Media helped us realize this effort. Offering fresh, relevant content through categories like the new TechBay is critical to continually engage viewers. We have more new bays in store and can’t wait to share them with DocuBay’s global community of documentary film fans.”

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