Mondo TV Iberoamerica, part of Mondo TV Group, announced international sales for its catalog of animated titles.

Mondo TV Iberoamerica secured a deal with U.S. Hispanic pay-TV leader Vme Media for the first season of Invention Story and the first three seasons of Sissi the Young Empress (pictured). The animated titles will be available in 2020 on Vme Media’s English-language network Primo TV, which covers the U.S., Puerto Rico, and all U.S. territories.

Maria Bonaria Fois, CEO of Mondo TV Iberoamerica, commented, “The sale of Sissi, one of our most popular animated shows, and Invention Story, a brand-new series that is enjoying a very strong response, to Vme is a major breakthrough for Mondo TV in one of the world’s most important markets. Vme is recognized as a leading player in the Hispanic pay-TV market with a strong reach. We are thrilled to be able to announce this news and certain that both Sissi and Invention Story will be enormously popular with Vme’s vast audience.”

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