The world is getting smaller. No, it’s not about globalization, but the fact that there used to be seven major U.S. distribution studios, and now there are only five, since Paramount has been incorporated into ViacomCBS Global Distribution, and 20th Century Fox has been rolled into Disney Direct-To-Consumer & International (even though FOX Studios still exists — if only as a production entity). The following lists reflect the 2020 executive rosters, and they will be updated early May 2021.

In the past, this section of VideoAge‘s May edition was one of the more consistent, with the international sales executive rosters changing little year after year. But this year, new developments will undoubtedly make the studio executive rosters one of VideoAge’s most popular features among international content buyers, as the rosters reflect the most recent changes in the industry.

500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521
Tel: (860) 766-3529

Justin Connolly, President, Disney Media Distribution
Disney Content Sales and Distribution Regional Leads:
Manuel Alduy – Europe and Africa
Fernando Barbosa – Latin America and U.S. Hispanic Market
Tony Elison – North Asia
Amit Malhotra – South Asia & Middle East
Chris Oldre – U.S. and Canada

100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608
Tel: (818) 777-1300

Belinda Menendez, President & Chief Revenue Officer, Global Distribution and International
Don McGregor, EVP, Sales Liaison, International Distribution
Bill Vrbanic, EVP, Global Distribution
Rob Bell, EVP, International New Media
Bruce Casino, EVP, TV & New Media Distribution, US & Canada
Ron Suter, EVP, TV & New Media Distribution, Canada
Justin Che, MD, Asia Pacific, Distribution & Networks
Chris Taylor, MD, Distribution & Networks, Australia & New Zealand
Carolyn Stalins, SVP, International Distribution, EMEA
Chloe Van den Berg, SVP, Head of Kids & Family Entertainment
Liz Avery, SVP, Sales Liaison, UK, Eire, MENA, Israel, Turkey, Russia & CIS
Rajiv Dhawn, SVP, Sales Liaison, Asia
Pierre Weisbein, SVP, Sales Liaison, Latin America
Sven Noth, SVP, Liaison, German-speaking Territories & CEE
Atsushi Miyasaka, SVP, Sales Liaison, Japan & Korea
Maxim Mikhailov, SVP, Sales Liaison & MD, Corporate Russia
Anne-Lorraine Villeroy, SVP, Liaison, France & Africa

10202 W. Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
Tel: (323) 244-4000

Keith Le Goy, President, Worldwide Networks and Distribution, Sony Pictures Television
John Weiser, President, First Run Television
Mike Wald, EVP, Content Strategy and Management
Paul Littmann, EVP, Distribution
Flory Bramnick, EVP, Distribution, US
Alexander Marin, EVP, Distribution & Networks, LATAM
Ken Lo, EVP, Distribution & Networks, Asia-Pacific
Mark Young, EVP, Distribution & Networks, Western Europe
John Rossiter, EVP, Distribution & Networks, CEEMA
Ian Durndell, EVP, Digital Distribution & Direct to Consumer
Holly Comiskey, SVP, Distribution & Networks, UK
Ramon Garcia, SVP, Distribution & Networks, Mexico
Zack Hernandez, SVP, Syndication Sales
Dai Huang, SVP, Distribution, Production and Networks, China
Phil King, SVP, Distribution, Canada
Robert Lanier, SVP, Distribution, Australia & New Zealand
Jefferson Pugsley, SVP, Distribution & Networks, Brazil
Nathascha Rengifo, SVP, Distribution & Networks, LATAM
Jorge Lezaun Valverde, SVP, Distrib. & Networks, Spain
Monica Veiga, SVP, US Distribution
Noemie Weisse, SVP, Distribution, France

7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Tel: (323) 575-5460

Dan Cohen, President, ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group
Barry Chamberlain, President, Sales
Samantha Cooper, EVP, Sales Content Distribution
Lisa Kramer, EVP, International TV Licensing
Jonathan Greenberg, EVP, Television Licensing Regional Sales Asia Pacific
Guy Petty, EVP, Digital Media
Matthew Downer, SVP, Regional TV Licensing
Michelle Payne, SVP, Client Relations
Bernhard Schwab, SVP, Regional TV Licensing
Doug Smith, SVP, Client Relations
Tim Wright, SVP, Client Relations
June Choi, VP, Regional TV Licensing
Astrid de Berardinis, VP, Television Licensing
Oliver Kreuter, VP, Client Relations
Catherine Molinier, VP, Client Relations
Jacques Roldan, VP, Regional TV Licensing
Rekha Shah, VP, Client Relations
Nicole Sinclair, VP, Client Relations
Chris Safford, Executive Director, TV Sales
Julie Aletti De Gely, Director, Client Relations
Alysha Chopra, Director, Client Relations
Yuriy Evdokimov, Director, Regional TV Licensing
Fernando Feldman, Director, TV Sales
Sara Lind-Palmer, Director, Regional TV Licensing
Carlos Mata, Director, TV Licensing
Manju Nair, Director, TV Sales
Iwona Pilgrim, Director, TV Licensing
Hiromichi Sato, Director, Client Relations
Joyce Smith, Director, Regional Sales TV Distribution ANZ
Jesica Stescobich, Director, TV Sales
Ying Zhang, Director, Client Relations
Maria Santana, Contract Administrator

4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA
Tel: (818) 954-6000

Jeffrey Schlesinger, President, Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Distribution
Robert Blair, President, Warner Bros. International Television Distribution
John Garcia, SVP & General Manager, Latin America
Caroline Lang, SVP & Managing Director, French Speaking Territories
Jose Abad, SVP & Managing Director Southern Europe & Deputy Managing Director, Spain
Mickie Steinmann, SVP & Managing Director, Canada
Michael Brooks, General Manager, Australia
Stephane Queneudec, VP, Sales, French Speaking Territories
Sylvia Rothblum, SVP, German Speaking Territories & Israel
Mitsuru Oda, SVP, Warner Bros. International TV & Home Entertainment Distribution, Japan
Rita Akkari, VP, Central and Eastern Europe and Africa
Roni Patel, SVP, Sales, Nordic, Benelux & Middle East
Alison Morris, SVP, Sales, UK, Eire and South Africa
Jae Chang, SVP, Southeast Asia & Korea
Sunday Lu, Executive Director, Sales, China
Domizia De Rosa, Executive Director, Sales, Italy
James Brehm, EVP, Operations & Administration
Toby Etheridge, Executive Director, Sales, UK & Eire
Alessandro Volpato, Manager, Sales, CEE

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