The printed March/April edition of VideoAge International will reach subscribers across the globe. In the meanwhile, readers can enjoy the Issue’s articles online through text, PDF, and audio versions.

This edition was particularly challenging to publish, considering all the TV trade shows that were recently rescheduled or outright cancelled due to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak.

It reached a point where VideoAge‘s writers, editors, proofreaders, and graphic artists in the U.S. and Europe were on call practically around the clock to rewrite, edit, make additions, and redesign pages — so quickly was news of market cancellations spreading.

It evoked a scene from the 1980 movie Airplane! in which a landing aircraft was going so fast that it couldn’t stop at the designated gate and a new gate kept being announced.

To publish this edition, the support of advertisers was crucial, and a special thanks goes out to: ABS-CBN, A+E, Alfred Haber Distribution, Banijay, Calinos, Descriptive Video Works, FilmRise, Kanal D, Madd, Mediaset, MISTCO, Mondo TV, Multicom, MZTV, NAB, NATPE, Record TV, SPI, and TV France Int’l. These companies from nine countries entrusted their spring marketing efforts to VideoAge, and buyers are now able to appreciate their ads (in print and online) and see what new content they have available for international licensing (on VideoAge‘s site and in its newsletter).

In terms of editorial content, this Issue covers all the trade show cancellations (including the whys and hows), reviews of the shows that were held prior to February 2020 (like NATPE Miami and TCA), all the broadcast pilots commissioned by the major U.S. TV networks, and the latest news on film locations and magazines’ original video content. This is in addition to our usual book review, the infamous My2¢ editorial, a calendar of events, and a story on the remarkable life of Moses Znaimer, a Canadian televisionary whose career goes hand-in-hand with the history of the television industry in Canada and its innovative nature.

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