NAB Show will commemorate Jim Henson (pictured), the artist and creator of the Muppets, at the 2020 edition of the Las Vegas event.

The Distinguished Service Award will be presented posthumously and will be accepted by two of Henson’s adult children, Brian Henson and Lisa Henson, who continue to run The Jim Henson Company. Brian Henson serves as chairman of the board while Lisa Henson serves as CEO and president. During the award presentation, Brian Henson will recreate a sketch from Sam and Friends, one of his father’s earliest TV endeavors.

Lisa Henson commented, “At his core, my father was a pioneering, innovative artist with an insatiable curiosity. In the earliest days of TV, he simply wanted to be a part of this exciting technology that was the newest form of storytelling. Puppetry was his way in and he never looked back. We are grateful to the NAB for recognizing Jim Henson’s ongoing contributions to television.”

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