Series Mania Forum announced the 15 projects to participate in the Co-Pro Pitching Sessions.

The pitching competition aims to direct these European and international drama projects towards potential financial partners. This year, more than 400 projects from 50 countries were submitted for consideration. Polly Williams, head of Drama, Scripted Television – U.K. at Entertainment One, will serve as jury president. The jury will select the best project among the 15 for the grand prize of 50,000 euro.

The selected projects include: A Marriage from Indigo Film, Casa Girls from The Film TV, Doppelgänger from AVI Films, Frozen Land from Non-Stop Production, Good People from Hélicotronc, Life and Fate from Cosmopolitan, My First Family from Haute et Court TV, Play of Mirrors, Velázquez in Rome from Vertice 360, Submarine from The Mediapro Studios and Globo, Tahrir from Artza Productions, The Abduction of Yossele Schumacher from Eran Riklis Productions, The Black Lady from AT-Production, The Island from Producers at Work, Turbo from Sense Production, and Underground from Anagram Norway.

Laurence Herszberg (pictured), founder and director general of Series Mania, remarked, “With projects from Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Russia, as well as projects from Europe and Israel, our selection is more international than ever before.”

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