The Berlin International Film Festival will honor director and artist Ulrike Ottinger with the Berlinale Camera award at the 70th edition of the festival.

Ottinger’s film Paris Caligrammes will have its world premiere as part of the Berlinale Special programming. Ottinger has held a significant presence in the German filmmaking industry since the 1970s, with work consisting of 25 short, documentary, and feature films. The Berlinale Camera honor is given to personalities and artists who have made a special impact on filmmaking.

In a statement, executive director Mariette Rissenbeek and artistic director Carlo Chatrian said, “With the Berlinale Camera, we celebrate artists whose work has always maintained a close relationship between the subjects which comprise cinema and the act of ‘film-making’ itself. In light of this, Ulrike Ottinger is the ideal recipient of an award that bears the word ‘camera.'”

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